VIPFina Ltd.



MONKEY BEACH ECO-RESORT: We’ll acquire 50% partnership cottages on Monkey Beach for as little as $6,000 usd per cottage. We purchase a 50% share in the property and local Partner will build it and operate it for us and we share the profits. We collect all the rental income from and Airbnb paid directly to our bank account every month and simply forward Partner their 50% share. LOI has been signed.

-LAWI RESORT DEVELOPMENT. Lawi is a 63 hectares island 40 minutes from Coron. There is not many white sand resort closer than1.5 hours to Coron. Lawi was previously owned by the former President of the Philippines Gloria and Michael Arroyo. They lost the island to the native people who had owned as ancestrial domain for hundreds of years. It is said to be the best development island available in the Philippines. It is located right beside Club Paradise Resort which was voted THE BEST ISLAND RESORT IN ALL SE ASIA. 

Another planned cottages development in El Nido before Covid. It was designed for 20 jungle cottages and a bar and restaurant. Same partner as the Monkey Beach Eco-Resort. LOI has been signed.

A 2,000 sqm beachfront land property waiting to get FLAGt documentation for a mini resort development south of Palawan in Decabaitot Island.  LOI has been signed.